The Beta Werewolf

The Beta werewolf is a werewolf that was once entirely human, but became a werewolf after being bitten by another wolf. Beta werewolves could have also become that way by having a curse placed on them. Either way, a Beta werewolf is one that does not wish to be a werewolf. These Beta wolves also have the most inconvenient form a werewolf could have. Shape-changing to them is completely involuntary and cannot be controlled. One thing that does much control the shape-changing in Beta wolves are the different phases of the Moon. Because of these, even though Betas cannot control their transformations, they do have an advantage in predicting it.

Once someone has been bitten by an Alpha wolf, they are most likely cursed to the life of being a werewolf. However, there are ways to reverse the curse. If the wolf that has been bitten can avoid tasting human blood, the curse can be reversed. Also, because there is usually a struggle when an Alpha tries to bite a human, if the Alpha is killed during the course of the fight, the curse will be broken and the human will not transform into a Beta wolf. Should a Beta wolf not make it through the initial struggle without transforming into wolf, they can still break the curse by killing the Alpha at any time, as long as they don’t taste human blood in the meantime.

Alphas and Betas can also belong to the same family, which makes the relationship between the two even more complicated. An Alpha cannot kill or injure a Beta that belongs in his family. If an Alpha does hurt a Beta family member, the Alpha must inflict the same harm upon himself. However, if a member of another pack or even another Beta in the same family should hurt Alpha’s Beta brother, the Alpha would not feel any harm from it.


  1. I believe in werewolves 100% i mean alpha beta… pretty much all of it, but anyway its not something you can cure by killing whoever gave i to you. much like rabies if you are bitten by a rabid dog and you get the disease if you kill the dog you still have rabies but now you have a dead dog too.

  2. werewolfism is not a disease like rabies were wolf ism can be controlled no matter alpha or betta it cant be controled if it is a curse bestowed upon ones self thru magic unlike rabies wich cant be controlled ad just infects ur blood and can eventually cause death

  3. I think that werewolves are real and like Beta and such but getting bitten by a werewolf is not a way to get turned the only way to “change” is through family.

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