The Best of Cartoon Werewolves

wolfie1. Wolfie from the Groovie Ghoulies, circa 1970, –the hippest cat, well, actually, dog, around –looking fabulousin Jesus-sandals and a yellow outfit, his two best buddies were Frankie and Bella La Ghostly, –a fabulous vampire type guy who looks like Dracula in spandex and pumps. The band plays a new pop song each show, and the animation, even for a 70’s cartoon, was colorful, and fun. You can actually find the cartoon on DVD, as the “Saturday Mourning Collection.”

2. Fangface! 1978 – Think of a bizarre twist on Scooby-Doo, in which Scooby is replaced by a werewolf in a red cap with only one big fang in his huge mouth. He hangs out with Kim, Biff, and Puggsy, his friends, and they get chased around by monsters. Fangface is actually Sherman Fangsworth, and he transforms every time he sees the moon, –or a picture of the moon, or anything that even looks like a moon. This guy could never be allowed inside a gold course.

drak_pack3. Howler, from the Drak Pack, who haunted the cartoons of kiddies from 1980 to 1982, –he was part of a secret organization called the Drak Pak, consisting of Drak Jr., Frankie, and himself. Their ancestors were Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein’s monster, so they become superheroes in order to set the record straight, and make up for their monstrous dead and undead relatives. The contenders in the ghoulish battle for the good, are the members of OGRE, the Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises. Go Drak Pack!

4. Teen Wolf – 1986 – Cartoon based on the movie, woot! Scott Howard doesn’t look much like Michael J. Fox in the cartoon, but that’s okay, he’s still awesome, awkward, and extremely hairy. The series only lasted a couple of years, 86′ to 87′, but still, there are all the colorful characters from the movie, and plenty of teen angst to mix with the weirdness of being a werewolf.

5. Reggie Moonshroud from Gravedale High, –a bitchin cartoon from 1990 that had probably the most awesome cast of voices ever, –including Rick Moranis, Tim Curry, and even the darling of the John Waters feature film collection, Ricki Lake! Reggie Moonshroud is a bit on the dorky side, but still way awesome!

luke talbot6. Luke Talbot and Niles Lupon from Monster Force! The 1994 cartoon had two opposing organizations, –the Monster Force, which fights the evil Creatures of the Night. Luke Talbot is on the Monster Force, –his family was inflicted with the curse of the werewolf by none other than the evil Niles Lupon, a member of the Creatures of the Night. Luke is a younger guy, and Niles Talbot is an ancient old man with a powerful werewolf form.

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