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The Beasts of BIRD BOX

Everybody and his kid sister’s cousin’s third-grade teacher has been talking about this movie on the social media the past few days. Some folks are digging it, some are really digging it, and some gave it a resounding “meh.” I have yet to watch it, but I do find the premise interesting. It’s like a Blind Zombie movie, only inverted. Whereas the Blind Zombies are, well, blind and hunt by sound, in BIRD BOX it’s the victims and potential victims who are blind. They have to be, as if they don’t blindfold themselves they risk seeing the monster and it will drive them to suicide, right? Interesting premise; most interesting. Having not seen the movie I have still been able to glean that the creature appears in a different form to every person; sorta like IT, it appears as whatever frightens you the most. Not everybody seems to have gotten that, though.

What would the monster have looked like, had it been shown onscreen at all? Sandra Bullock said it looked like a “snake”-type creature with a “baby’s head.” This would have been in one scene where we saw what the entity looked like FOR HER, but even that scene got cut. Sandra was mistaken, though, as what she saw was actually the “before” design. Before CGI. She saw the baby head, but the green snake body was actually just a green-suit and the creature’s true form would have been added later. All we will ever see, then, of what the beast might’ve looked like is its head.

Whatta you think? Is it better that they never showed the monster?

The Evil Cheezman • January 11, 2019

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