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The Beast of Cypress Canyon

Everything old is new again. I went into my local bookstore the other day and there were vinyl records out for sale. Brand new ones, and they weren’t cheap. I visited my personal mecca, Nightmare Toys, and they have a growing collection of VHS tapes for sale. New ones. And they aren’t cheap, either. Retro is chic. Nostalgia is a potent, heady drug.

Today you hear all about podcasts. I have friends who swear by podcasts. I even have some friends who make them. I’ve had a short play I wrote included on one. I know about them, even though I don’t listen to them. (Who has the time?) I recently asked one of those podcast-swearing-by pals of mine what the difference was between a podcast and the old school radio programs that ruled the airwaves before the invention of television. She told me that there really isn’t one, other than the media by which they are delivered, the Internet as opposed to radio.

May I suggest, then, that you get your retro on? Check out this radio broadcast from yesteryear, entitled “The House in Cypress Canyon” from the program SUSPENCE. I heard it driving home on Halloween night, courtesy of my XM radio. (Unlike podcasts, I don’t have to hunt for it. I don’t have to download anything. It’s simply there when I turn the dial. Lazy? Never said I wasn’t.) Anyway, this program, unlike a lot of the stuff that went out over the airwaves back in the day, isn’t hokey by today’s standards. It’s quite good, in fact. A story of possession, and werewolves (though the word is never uttered), and time travel. Well worth a listen.

The Evil Cheezman • November 11, 2018

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