The Annoying Böxenwolf

Werewolf folklore time! Woooo! So, in Germany in the region between the Diester River and the Weser River they tell a tale about the odd böxenwolf, a werewolf that’s more of a pain in the ass than a deadly fearful monster.

The böxenwolf liked to spend its nights preying upon weary travelers, but he didn’t do what one would think a werewolf would do. Nope, there was no attacking, no claws ripping into flesh, no biting… nothing! Instead he forced these travelers to carry him part of the way home. Apparently this was a very lazy werewolf, a were that just didn’t feel like walking all the way home. He didn’t just make them carry him though, he also robbed them. Tsk tsk wolfy.

But then the böxenwolf was just a simple man in truth, a man that was lucky enough to come across a wolf strap (a wolf strap is a magical belt that give its wearer the power to shapeshift into a wolf).

Then one evening the werewolf that came across two peasants that were returning home from a mill not far from Rinteln. The böxenwolf confronted one of them and the peasant immediately cried out for help to his companion. Unfortunately for the wolf, each man was carrying a big heavy sack of flour, and when the one cried out, the other came threw his sack and then attacked the böxenwolf furiously with his walking stick. The injured böxenwolf turned and ran away.

The next day the two peasants visited another peasant they knew of. They had suspected that he may be the annoying böxenwolf because he was rich, yet no one knew the source of his wealth. He was lying in bed, deathly ill due to his previous injuries. He was dumb enough to have the surgeon come in and bind his wounds, thus discovering that he was in fact, the böxenwolf.

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