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The ANNIHILATION Bear Monster Really Existed?!

The one thing the movie ANNIHILATION really needed was more of the horrific mutant bear creature. For my part I wish the entire movie had been a straight-up Creature Feature devoted solely to the bear. Alternately, I wish they’d do a sequel along those lines. Something like 1976’s GRIZZLY (aka KILLER GRIZZLY), the magnificent and cheesy JAWS homage (I love it too much to call it a rip-off) about a prehistoric monster bear alive and well—and killing people—in a national forest in the present day.

Filmmakers could take a similar tack with my proposed ANNIHILATION sequel if they wanted to, eschewing the whole alien invasion angle in favor of having a prehistoric survivor return to eat people in the present. They could call the movie ANNIHILATOR.

Damn, this was intended to be facetious, but my idea is starting to sound really good.

Anyway, they could go with the prehistoric monster angle because apparently the monster mutant bear from ANNIHILATION once really existed here on earth. Or so this article claims.

Waitaminute! They’re talking about the SIMBAKUBWA KUTOKAAFRIKA, which I reported on last week! Granted the latter beast was just as big and scary—and, y’know, real—but it didn’t look a damn thang like the bear mutant from ANNIHILATION! Clickbait! Bait-and-switch!

Ah, it gave me a chance to reminisce about GRIZZLY, so I’m actually okay with it.

The Evil Cheezman • May 3, 2019

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