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The Age of Rage

You need to read this article. It is sobering, worrying and, I have not the slightest doubt, truthful. Are we as a species becoming more violent, more bestial?

Let me quote from the article: “People are becoming…‘decivilized’…Something is regressing people back to a point where their worst, primal, animal impulses are being unleashed — unable to think, reason, use facts, hold evidence, perform logic, weigh consequences, judge truth, discern meaning, or cultivate a higher purpose than appetite, vengeance, and ruin. There appears to be something like a mental plague spreading around the world.” Not the premise for a Horror movie. Our reality, right now, today. Why?

The author cites two reasons. The first, technology. Hey, spend ten minutes on Facebook and it’s hard to disagree with him. Says the author: “…social media lets us dehumanize people costlessly, frictionlessly, with ease — tap, I erased you, click, I destroyed you. It is probably the single greatest dehumanizing mechanism in the history of the world…”

What’s the second reason, according to the author? The lies of Capitalism that “promised the average prole a life of glittering wealth, fortune, and riches …that was just a con game…the proles was promised great wealth, growing forever — but what he has got is less, shrinking forever.”

I think the author left out one key factor, though: overpopulation. The human race is grossly overpopulated. Animals in nature go berserk when they are trapped in a limited environment and their numbers get out of hand. Take all these things together and you have a perfect storm for unrestrained, animalistic violence.

The Evil Cheezman • October 30, 2018

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