The ’13 to Life’ Series by Shannon Delany

I am absolutely addicted to the book lover’s website Goodreads, like, hardcore addicted. Not only can you rate and review books there, you can also chat about books, partake in trivia, enter in contests and giveaways, and check out loads of book lists. While looking at a massively massive list of werewolf books I came across quite a few books I never knew existed, including the 13 to Life series by Shannon Delany. The first book in the series, 13 to Life, has over 2,500 ratings on the site and most of them are good. So of course I just had to share the series here.

Here’s the plot description for the first book in the young adult series:

“Everything about Jessie Gillmansen’s life changed when her mother died. Now even her hometown of Junction is changing.  Mysterious dark things are happening. All Jessie wants is to avoid more change. But showing a hot new guy around Junction High, she’s about to discover a whole new type of change. Pietr Rusakova is more than good looks and a fascinating accent–he’s a guy with a dangerous secret. And his very existence is sure to bring big trouble to Jessie’s small town.  It seems change is the one thing Jessie can’t avoid…”

I know that the description doesn’t mention werewolves once, but I assure you, there are in fact werewolves in this book.

While most of the reviews on 13 to Life are fantastic, I will tell you that there are quite a few bad ones too. Looks like this book is really a hit or miss type of read. You either love it or hate it, but I suppose that’s how most books are. Even big time reviewers like Publishers Weekly and Booklist have mixed feelings – one loves it, the other has loads of issues with 13 to Life.

Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think of it? If you haven’t read it, does it look like something you might pick up?

– Moonlight

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  1. I will admit it, I have read it and it’s sequel. They are fine for the age group it is written for. Some of the plot starts to get a bit much especially towards the end of the first book but I won’t say more so as no to reveal anything except to say thee is government involvement.

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