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That’s Practical!

Chances are you enjoyed seeing the werewolf make an appearance in ANNABELLE COMES HOME; that is, if you saw the movie. (If you didn’t it isn’t too late. Read our review here to learn why you should.) It was onscreen for far too short a time, and the looks we got at it were limited. It was nighttime; it was foggy. The camera did not linger on the beast. I would have thought, from what little of the monster we did to get to see, that it was created with CGI. Not so! That critter was practical!

Stuntman Douglas Tait, who also played Grugach the boar-man in the recent HELLBOY, starred as the werewolf. Tait told bloody disgusting:

“There is a part where I come out of the bush and they added some effect around my Werewolf head, but the whole suit and head was practical…The practical suit was made by Justin Raleigh and the team at Fractured FX, and it was incredible. The hair was hand punched, and it had an animatronic head with 2 puppeteers off set timing my movements with the eyes and mouth…James [Wan] and director Gary Dauberman are…huge fans of practical monsters and practical FX, and that is another reason why their films are so scary, and audiences can connect with them. My character was all practical FX with a slight CGI enhancement. Justin Raleigh, the owner of Fractured FX does all of James Wan’s films and their work is absolutely stunning.”

Any time we get practical creature FX in a movie these days is cause for celebration. Long live practical!

The Evil Cheezman • August 2, 2019

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