Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Dishes about Werewolves, His Love Life and More

I admit it, I totally have a mini crush on Teen Wolf’s leading man Tyler Posey. I like me some cute werewolf boys. Anyway, I recently stumbled across a fantastic interview Tyler did with Ology.com, and I’ve got to share some of the goodies revealed in that one short interview. Tyler chatted about everything from his werewolf role to making out with Crystal Reed. Check it out:

What’s the coolest thing about playing Scott McCall?
The coolest thing about playing Scott McCall is that I’m actually playing two different characters. I’m playing Scott, the sweet little innocent kid who’s tired of being an outcast and wants to be a popular, cool kid. But I’m also playing an insane maniac psycho killer werewolf! They’re two completely different contrasting roles, and they’re both equally as insane, and it’s just so much fun playing both of them.

What’s it like working with Crystal Reed (Allison)?
Crystal’s amazing. We have really good chemistry, she’s beautiful… and we get to make out a lot, which is awesome!

And the rest of the cast?
Everyone on the show is really tight. We’re all close with each other. We had so much fun- when we first started, we didn’t know anybody, but we just hung out every single day, and it made our chemistry insane. You can tell by watching the show- I had so much fun with every single person on it.

And a question for all of you who are crushing on Tyler:

What does Tyler look for in a girl?
Someone who’s super down to Earth! And I want some who’s straight-up with me, and as real as possible, right from the get-go. That’s hard to find for both genders, guys and girls. But once I find her… that’s it, man! I’m sealing the deal!

Read the full interview HERE.

What do you guys think of the interview? Are you a fan of Teen Wolf?

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  1. I totally dig teen wolf. The romance is a bit mushy, but other than that, i really, truly enjoy watching the show.

  2. Not to sound like an insane fan, but Teen Wolf is the best show ever! Even beating Supernatural and True Blood. Tyler Posey rocks the boat. Oh my God listen to me! But seriously I love watching this.

  3. Yeah whatever “Scott” is okay, but if they seriously killed off Derek, someones hand is going in a wood chipper.

    cough-cough producer of Teen Wolf…cough-cough

  4. I love the graphics on everything on this show, and the picture of this article i love how the dirt and everything and how his eyes are you know, “real”
    ~Crank That Yank(:

  5. tyler posy is so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! and if he wants a very dowwn to earth girl he should come to newburge and he will find wat hes looken for. and love nice girls like reguler real girls. GOOD LUCK WITH UR JOURNY TYLER LOVE PEPSI GIRL.

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