Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast!

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis (creator, writer and producer) were on Kevin Smith’s podcast yesterday (July 18)! If you don’t know who Kevin Smith is (tsk tsk!) he is the hilarious writer and director behind such kickass films as Mallrats, Dogma, Clerks and many more. Kevin Smith does a few ridiculously funny and highly entertaining podcasts and he had Tyler and Jeff on the show to kick off “Wolf Week.”

The interview was absolutely hilarious and packed full of great conversation, far too much to cover all of it here (it was over an hour long), but don’t worry, if you missed it you can still listen to it in the Smodcast archives.

Some of my favorite moments were the geeky ones – Tyler, Jeff and Kevin all went on about their love for comics, action figures, superheroes and more. It was awesome. According to Jeff, him and the other writers call last night’s episode (Lunatic) the “red kryptonite” episode since it’s the one Scott goes bad in. Love!

As the interview went on I was surprised by how laid back and humble Tyler is, he confessed how star struck he was by meeting Kevin (he even said he owns a Jay and Silent Bob comic) and he also admitted that he drives around L.A. looking for himself on Teen Wolf billboards and how he even takes pictures of each one. Tyler also shared some big news – that he has been asked to do two big movies! Unfortunately, he didn’t share what the movies are, but we do know that we’ll be seeing him on the big screen in the future.

The three guys talked a lot about Teen Wolf as well (of course) and I loved how much Kevin Smith geeked out about the show. It was great hearing a director’s view on Teen Wolf, Kevin went on about how impressed he was with the look of the show, about how well it was done, about the chemistry between the cast… etc. It was interesting hearing his thoughts on it. He didn’t manage to squeeze any spoilers out of Jeff or Tyler, but he did get a lot of dish on what goes on behind scenes. Like, that Tyler is in a band and that one of their songs was played in last night’s episode (it’s the alarm song that wakes him up) and that the entire cast goes over to Jeff’s house every Monday to raid his fridge and watch the newest episode of Teen Wolf. They’re definitely a tight-knit cast.

The interview was beyond funny and full of great info, I highly suggest going to the Smodcast site to check it out, it’s long but so worth it.

– Moonlight

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  1. Whenever they transform into werewolves i love the graphics and his eyes are just so cool as a yellow like color, hes cute, and i love his black hair, its beautiful and hi girlfriend is pretty, i love the action,

  2. I think him and Miley should get togetherr they make a great ccouple from long ago, but i really dont like miley but its just my opinion
    ~Crank That yank(:

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