‘Teen Wolf’s Show Runner Jeff Davis Talks A Little About Season 5

In a impromptu interview, the very talented Jeff Davis discusses what is up and coming on ‘Teen Wolf’

After hearing very little about the next season of ‘Teen Wolf,’ we have started looking back into interviews with show creator Jeff Davis for clues.  In this video he speaks about the minor part of Lydia’s past that creeps up in season 4, and eludes to there being a much larger development of that particular storyline coming to season 5 this spring. I have to wonder what kind of background could Lydia’s banshee side of the family have, and where they are going with it.  Jeff Davis, much like ‘Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon, writes such elaborate stories full of humor and tragedy all at the same time.  Every hour is so much fun to watch and even to rewatch before the following Monday’s new show.  What do you think Jeff Davis plans to expose from Lydia’s grandma’s life and their bloody ancestry in season 5 of ‘Teen Wolf’?


source: www.youtube.com

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