‘Teen Wolf’s Psychotic Teen Hunters Are Exposed

The lines are more clearly drawn in Beacon Hills as even more supernaturals are revealed on the dead pool, the littlest assassins get greedy, and new hunters roll into town. Things are getting… complicated.

I have to admit there is little I enjoy more than every new episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ and last night’s show was no exception.  Stiles remark about being an actual I.E.D. was classic Stiles. Scott being tougher than we ever imagine he could be, and looking incredibly hot while doing it.  Allison’s dad being a mentor to Scott, and always doing what’s right no matter what the consequences. Derek being delightfully tormented by this or that from week to week.  I know this is totally against what Scott stands for, but I have to say I really think he should have snapped her neck last night.  Do you think Scott did the right thing by letting this hunter live?


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