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‘Teen Wolf’ Villains Are Ranked For The Top Twelve

Who would you rank as the number one villain on ‘Teen Wolf’

Throughout the past four years the ‘Teen Wolf’ gang has had to defend themselves from hunters, other supernatural creatures and even friends, here is a ranking I found for the top 12.  Number 12. The Mute, 11. William Barrow from season 3, 10. Kali, 9. The Kanima, 8. The Oni, 7. The Darach, 6. Kate Argent, 5. Deucalion, 4. Peter Hale, 3. Meredith Walker aka The Benefactor, 2. Gerard Argent, 1. Nogitstune. You have a chance to vote for your favorite villain at the link below. Do you think they were put in the correct order?


source: moviepilot.com


Editor • October 1, 2014

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