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‘Teen Wolf’ “Time Of Death” Preview

Teen Wolf Season 4 episode 8 preview

Yes, it’s that day of the week when we discuss last week’s episode and peek at next weeks. The poor institutionalized banshee killed herself, or did she?  Sure she was distraught by what she knew, but wasn’t her name on the list….so you have to wonder if her suicide was “assisted” while being locked in that room.  Scott, Stiles and Lydia now have the completed Dead Pool list, a recording and a gym duffle full of money, what should they do next… Scott should pay his electric bill, and Stiles, his medical bill that’s for sure.  The gang has started on the offensive now and has a plan, thanks to papa Argent (just love him), but what could Scott’s death (supposed or real) do to secure their safety… Who do you think will die  in the next episode?

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Editor • August 5, 2014

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