‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Rumors And Facts

Which ‘Teen Wolf’ character will fall in season 5, it certainly happens more and more these past seasons so no reason to expect anything different this time around

The facts we know… Scott’s new lil pup Liam will play a much bigger role in season 5, than he did in 4b. The new and improved Derek will be more important now that he is more badass than ever before. Stiles’ dad and Scott’s mom finally become a couple… okay that may just be wishful thinking on my part. Now for the rumors… our sweet little fireproof deputy is a dragon and/or related to Issac’s character. Scott will sire at least one more wolf in season 5. Derek becomes more animal than human. And the most recent I heard, Malia accidentally bites Stiles during a bad dream turning him.  Which if any of these do you think will come to pass late next spring or early summer in season 5?

source: masterherald.com

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