‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 spoilers: Eye Color, Tattoos and More!

Season 3 of Teen Wolf won’t premiere until Summer 2013, but while we wait for the big Season, executive producer Jeff Davis is keeping fans updated with small spoilers to tide us over. This week, he shared hints about Derek, tattoos, and the werewolves’ eye color. As every fan of the show knows, Alpha wolves have red eyes, while Scott (Tyler Posey) has eyes that glow amber. Both Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Jackson (Colton Haynes) had glowing blue eyes, well, at least, until Derek became an Alpha.

Some have wondered what the colors mean, and at long last fans will find out. “It has nothing to do with DNA or being a born werewolf,” Davis says, putting to rest some of the rumors and speculation from the fanbase. “Next season, during an important flashback episode, you’ll learn why some werewolves have blue eyes and others do not.”

Davis said that the flashback episode is centered around Derek when he was younger, and will help us learn more about his mysterious past.

Davis also revealed that Posey’s new tattoo will play a role in the season. The sexy star got two thick bands inked onto his arm this past summer, and instead of going to the trouble to cover them with makeup (like they do with the rest of Posey’s tattoos), Davis decided to integrate the ink into the story in a big way.

“The two bands on his arm have a major significance in the first episode, even providing the thematic foundation for the story. Part of the tattoo, the musical note, will still have to be covered up, however,” Davis says.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about Season 3 of Teen Wolf?

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  1. Given some of the “twists” from last season, and the Kanima’s whole existence, it wouldn’t surprise me if Davis or anyone else came up with a far reaching reason to explain stuff like this. Versus a simple explination like “Wolves can have eyes like these too.”

    Then again, anything resembling narrative coherence or grounded lore went straight out the window last season when Davis took over writing duties. Just like Mac Walters with Mass Effect 2 and 3, I expect him to keep making this series drift away from what the first season offered, just to satisfy some fantasy he has.

    1. Davis didn’t take over writing duties. It’s his baby. He’s the creator, the show runner and the lead writer. If he’s taking the show away from the sort of stories in the first season it’s not because he’s some new guy that doesn’t get the tone or style of the show. It just means he’s got different stories tell than he did at the beginning. And you kinda hope he does. You can’t very well make new tv if you’re stuck on what you wrote 2 years ago.

      As for your question Moonlight, I’m definitely looking forward to next season. I enjoyed the last two and am excited to see what comes next.

      1. You also can’t make good TV if you open plot holes, introduce weak characters, and create new lore with the reasoning of “because I said so.” Which is exactly what he did.

        After that, double check who wrote the episodes in both seasons, and count how many time his name shows up as the sole writer on an episode in Season 2.

        1. [quote]You also can’t make good TV if you open plot holes, introduce weak characters, and create new lore with the reasoning of “because I said so.” Which is exactly what he did.[/quote]

          You can say the exact same thing on the Weres(or any character since season three really) of True Blood but you love them……don’t you? I mean, i dont know why your arguing about Teen Wolf when the the Weres of True Blood have been getting the short end of the stick since season three. The only reason for their existence on the show is for keeping their eye candy(Alcide) on the show; and to show the viewers how weaker and pathetic they are as a species than vampires and shifters.

          Anyway, have you ever watched Lost? That show was nothing but plot holes, lores that consisted of “because I said so,” and the show has it’s fair share of weak characters but that didn’t stop the show from being entertaining.

          1. In fact, I do not. I detest True Blood, and never saw Lost. The reason for the former? It’s a vapid show kept alive by the tease of soft core porn in my opinion. The latter? Never liked the concept.

            My point though is this: This series was established as horror and was well grounded at first with the writing team they had, sans things like the monkshood poisoning episode, and Scott never having any real werewolf problems. It’s a teen show after all.

            Once Davis took over writing episodes directly, I saw a lot of restraint vanish, and with that, any reason someone would have to believe what they’re told. The entire existence of the Kanima for one; the explanation of why it existed had me shaking my head.

            This show may be his baby, but no one ever said the creator always knows best. And I think what he’s done as the sole writer of seven episodes in S2 proves it. Unless someone is, in fact, only watching it for the eye candy and character, like True Blood or even Twilight.

        2. I can see what you mean but if Teen Wolf isn’t your cup of tea than don’t drink the tea. Like you said, its a show for teens. I stopped watching True Blood since season 3 because how crappy its gotten and its a show for adults. The only reason i argue about their Weres its because posters tell us how bad-ass and interesting they are when they’re not providing any proof at all. Its like they’re not watching the show at all or their in denial about how crappy they are.

    1. I recommend the second season.The first season was okay but boring; the second season is where the show really takes off but you gonna have to watch the first season to know whats going on.

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