‘Teen Wolf’ Ratings Soar

6 launch of the second half of Teen Wolf’s third season, its first consisting of 24 episodes, averaged 2.43 million viewers.

the night desk’s insight:
‘Teen Wolf’s ratings for the first return episode of the second half of season 3 have been incredible. This show seems to just keep growing in popularity, episodes and storyline. The writers on this show seem to have a limitless imagination and enjoy showing us how talented they are…what could next season hold? I can’t wait for next Monday to see who will be up to what, and how Stiles will fix it. What do you think we’re in for during season 3b? Any ideas?

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  1. I loved the season premiere to season 3B. Glad I gave the series a 2nd chance – I swear during every episode of season 2 I wanted to punch Scott in the face as he wouldn’t stop simpering about Alison. He was so annoying in season 2…now it seems like he’s growing some. :P

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