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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview For Episode 9

Not a great look for the gorgeous redhead…

Since each week we meet new assassins in Beacon Hills, the guy attacking Lydia could be just about anyone we don’t know. The promo is filled with more questions than answers, except for the revelation that Stiles will become a victim of the deadpool.  Lydia’s grandmother has become a recent addition to the possible suspects, but I can’t imagine she would add her granddaughter to the list of people to slaughter.  Besides the fact that each death requires photo proof negates it being a banshee, because she would already know whether they were dead or alive.  Also, I can’t see Peter murdering his own daughter, or having her killed, not even he is that much of a monster.  So that brings us back to Allison’s dear ol’ grandpa Gerard, Scott’s dead beat dad, Liam’s stepdad, and someone we have yet to meet…will the Benefactor please stand up.  Will Isaac come back in time to save Derek?

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Editor • August 14, 2014

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