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‘Teen Wolf’ Has a New Monster in Season 5: The Sluagh

“Teen Wolf’s” first ever Sluagh, a supernatural creature which will be introduced in the show’s Season 5, is played by a 16-year-old Texan, named Mike Lynch.

There’s actually a really cool story behind the new monster; the kid playing the first Slaugh to appear in the show is Mike Lynch, who landed the role through the Make-a-Wish foundation; he’s only 16, so maybe his wish was to be a monster in a TV show. Additionally, Jessica Short, the woman behind the design of the monster, was a winner in Teen Wolf’s creature design contest. You can see some of her concept art by visiting the source. Both of them are definitely very talented individuals, and it will be super cool to see Lynch, wearing Short’s designs.

The mythology behind the Sluagh, isn’t exactly historically accurate; in Irish and Scottish mythology, particularly of the Celtic variety, the Sluagh appeared in flying hordes, like birds. They were considered destructive, and appeared within the homes of the dying, and sometimes took the souls of the innocent. In the show, the Sluagh devour souls and leave behind parts of their own, malignant souls, inside their victims. Fun!

source: www.designntrend.com

annimi • April 3, 2015

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