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‘Teen Wolf’ Episode 10 To Air Sunday At 7pm

‘Teen Wolf’ To Air On Special Night Before The VMA’s

Yes, usually I give you a full day before discussing the prior episode, but this one opened up so many new doors. First, what is that deputy…. I have to be honest, I thought he was a dead man when he was burned alive, by his former coworker, and I turned away when he threw in the flame.  Did the banshees really commit suicide even if “assisted” (which you know I had always thought it was murder) if so, can they be killed in a normal manner? How did Derek know about Scott and the gang in time to help them?  As the season passes, we are checking off boxes of who could be the Benefactor, but I kind of feel like tonight was less about who is, than who isn’t.  Do you have any insights to share about the Benefactor?

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Editor • August 19, 2014

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