Teen Wolf Cast Takes on Comic-Con and Announces Big News

It’s Comic-Con time! Woo! That’s means we’re getting all kinds of news on upcoming movies and our favorite shows, like Teen Wolf. The gang from Teen Wolf recently held a panel at Comic-Con where they discussed the current season and revealed some big news. And the awesome news is… Teen Wolf has been renewed for a 24-episode third season! Fans of the show get an entire new season. This is actually the first time MTV has renewed a primetime scripted series for a third season, so points to Teen Wolf.

But there’s more! The cast chatted about the current season as well, check it out…

The big bad Jackson: As the Kanima continues to hunt victims, people are wondering whether or not Jackson can be saved. With the hunters, Scott, and Derek all tracking Jackson, who knows how it will end. “Jackson’s still going to continue to raise hell with everybody. This has just brought him to the next level,” Haynes says. “Hopefully he’ll maybe make the transformation into a wolf, or something else will come along and he’ll move up the food chain. Maybe an elephant. Maybe a rabbit. A bunny.”

There will be some father-son time: Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski figure out that the mechanic and the couple who were murdered have something in common, and that Isaac has a strange, indirect connection to them. The Sheriff and Stiles will get very close to figuring out who the Kanima’s master is, but there will be consequences.

Allison and her dad: “The price of greatness is responsibility,” Argent tells Allison, quoting Winston Churchill. He interrogates her and tries to get her to share what she knows about the Kanima. “Allison has some werewolf hunter skills,” says Reed. “She’s about to get really really badass, which I’m really excited about.”

Dancing:  When the whole gang goes to a rave, there’s a dangerous confrontation on the dance floor, but also some sexy dance moves.

That’s about it. How are you guys liking the current season so far? Are you excited that there will be a third season?

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  1. I wish that teen wolf plays everyday and every night the best characters I love for boys are…
    And for girls
    And I think alityia should date stiles and Derek should date the blonde girl that is in his pack and hope teen wolf stays on FOREVER I love everyone thank you :P

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