Team Matt vs. Team Tyler… Since When Were There Teams?

And when did it become a contest? Tyler is a frigging werewolf! Plus, being a werewolf, Tyler is able to dish out a fatal blow that involves just -biting- one of them. Sure, they only have that ability once a month, but still! And Tyler’s way hotter, plus, Matt is way judgmental about vampires; sure, he hates them and thinks they ought to be destroyed, as should any self-respecting werewolf, let alone a lowly human. But if we had to pick a guy to be with Caroline, the answer is unequivocally Tyler… despite the fact that he’s still kind of a jerk, and is still pretty confused, –as far as we know, –about the whole vampire/werewolf ordeal. And right now, Tyler’s probably getting his head filled with Jules’s ‘werewolves rule, vampire drool’ philosophy, and while we applaud her for her simplistic and generally accurate perspective, that’s just not how things work in the Vampire Diaries universe.

So right now, Caroline is kinda torn about which guy is best for her, –I still say it’s Tyler. And actress Candice Accola seems to be hinting that she thinks so too… although, she might just be saying that so she can kiss him again. Accola tells MTV what she thinks of Tyler and Matt’s chances with Caroline, –or more accurate, Caroline’s chances with Matt and Tyler:

“...”With Caroline and Matt there’s so much of a first love feeling to their relationship,” Candice told us. “But with Caroline and Tyler there’s that sense of a budding relationship from a friendship. So I think it goes back to that question, what’s better? You know, what brings about a better relationship? If it stems from a friendship or…do you need that immediate connection of lust and love?”

So, which way does Candice lean? Let’s just say she’s just as torn as many of you who see the potential in both couplings.

“I love so many aspects of both of the relationships,” she said. “Caroline as a character can be herself in front of Tyler, and there’s such a mutual friendship there. But then you know, I’m such a sucker for the idea of a first love, so I don’t know. I’m really excited to see where the writers take it.”

Speaking of where the writers take it, there’s no triangle without Tyler, so we asked Candice if he was indeed returning to Mystic Falls and her answer was definitely positive.

“Yes. I mean, there is no way that that storyline is done,” she said. “When and how he’ll come back and his intention of why he comes back, I’ll have no idea what that’ll be.”

While she may not know how Tyler makes his return, she’s pretty confident it will be (in true “TVD” form) epic.

“The writers are gonna have an awesome storyline for that and I’m really excited to see what it is.”

Well, as hot as it is that a werewolf and a vampire might have a shot at decent romance, Accola also seems to be hinting that Tyler might not be returning for this season. Which is good news for everyone who loves the show, –because another season of VD would definitely be awesome. Maybe in season 3, the werewolves will be running Mystic Falls, and hot ones too. Jules is hot, but her guy friends were NOT; most of them looked homeless-y, and strung out on crystal meth. Like extras from American History X or something. I’m definitely hoping for Tyler’s return and attachment to Caroline; not only will that put an end to Matt’s sissified whining, but it also means more werewolf action.


  1. To be honest I don’t quite get what all this fuss about the TVD-werewolves is. They are definitely not the vampires worst enemy, even if they had higher numbers and weren’t enslaved by the moon the vampires would win.
    Although to be fair, what was presented so far is nearly nothing, so who knows. But considered the fast pacing of the show this might be all the info we get. These weres might make good dramaturgical stuff but not an actual serious enemy for the vampires.

  2. I want caroline to take tyler because the is big love there both of them love each other but matt was in the way now his not so i wish…..the can be together

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