Taylor Lautner Dishes on Kissing Kristen Stewart & More

As every team Jacob fan knows, June 30 is the big day, the day The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters! But out of all the amazing scenes in the flick, there is one above all others that fans are dying to see – Bella and Jacob’s kissing scene. Since we still have a few weeks to go before we can see the big kiss, all we can do is read about what Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob Black) has to say about the kiss, as well as his thoughts on hating Edward.

The interview started out by asking Taylor the big question – what it was like filming the kissing scene with Kristen Stewart.

“As soon as we finished, as soon as we pulled away and they called cut, she’d look at me and I’d look at her and there would be a moment of silence, and she would go… ‘We just kissed!’ It’s definitely interesting but when we film, we become Jacob and Bella.”

All I hope if is a sexy kissing scene, there better not be any painful looks on his face like when Edward kisses Bella (which makes me cringe every time I see it). Anyway, Taylor then went on to discuss vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob’s battle for Bella’s human heart, a battle in which, as we all know, Edward wins in the end.

“[Jacob] becomes a little frustrated, because he always gets so close — he kisses her this time!” he said. “He becomes as close as you can get and still gets told no. It’s a tough situation; I definitely would not want to be in it.”

Taylor may have thought that kissing real-life friend Kristen was weird, but according to him the scenes he has with Robert Pattinson were even harder.

“One of the most challenging things about filming this was having to hate Edward, because I’m looking at Rob and it was difficult,” Taylor explained. “Every time we’d have a shouting match or he’d grab me on the shoulder or something, as soon as they called cut, we’d bust out laughing. Or we’d ruin plenty of takes.”

Wouldn’t you love to see them messing up scenes like that? I hope the Eclipse DVD has bloopers on it with just those.

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  1. I love eclipse!!!!! and the werewolves my friend calls me her little werewolf all the time!!! And i was so glad that when jacob and bella kissed there was no pain in jacob like edward… Jacob is really sweet to i wish sometimes i was bella!!! Face it edward Jacob is hotter!!!

  2. i think its sweet that bella and jacob kissed in the movie they would make a cute couple and edward is stupid i dont like his character jacob and bella should be a couple in real life and bella y did u have 2 fall for edwared jacob is sooooo dreamy how could u betray the werewolf family <3

  3. huh, if they had a team Emmet, i would declare myself as that to be honest. but what is so cool about Jacob that makes girls at the theater go crazy? when i say eclipse with my squealing sister, who dragged me to the ticket line. gosh, my crazed 14 year old sister is CRAZED ABOUT JACOB!

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