Taylor Kinney vs. Taylor Lautner

Countless celebrity websites are asking their readers who they would choose – Taylor Kinney or Taylor Lautner – because “OMG!1!1 they are both named Taylor and they both play popular werewolves.” I decided to join in on the battle between the famous werewolves just for the hell of it. So dear readers, who would you choose? Taylor Kinney or Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Kinney

Taylor is the newest addition to the already gorgeous cast of CW’s The Vampire Diaries. This sexy man plays the friendly and charming Mason Lockwood on the show. Mason has been estranged from his family, but returns to Mystic Falls for his brother’s funeral (or so he says). We learn early in the season that Mason is a werewolf, a curse that apparently all the men in his family suffer if triggered. I don’t want to ruin the ongoing season for you, but there’s a whole lot of drama going down with this hot werewolf and more will come. Yay!

Taylor Lautner

As we all know, this Taylor plays the sweet and built Jacob Black in the Twilight flicks. He didn’t have a large part in the first movie, he pretty much just appears to tell Bella about the werewolf and vampire legends in the area and then he’s gone. But the second movie is a whole different deal, he takes over. In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella and Jacob is there to help her through her hard time. Friendships are built, sparks fly and t-shirts come off. It’s in this movie where Jacob goes through his first transformation into a wolf. Most of Jacob’s story consists of him fighting Edward for Bella’s love. And well, you guys know the rest.

So, out of these two popular and gorgeous werewolves, who do you guys pick?

Personally, I choose Taylor Kinney. Why? Well first off, I love The Vampire Diaries and hate Twilight. Second, I’m not 13, I’m an adult, therefore I prefer grown men not teen stars. I will admit that Lautner is hot, and he definitely gets points for being so articulate (I love a guy that is well-spoken), but in spite of that I still pick Kinney.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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  1. taylor kinney beats taylor lautner by about a zillion miles i luv the vampire diaries and i luv werewolves and i luv hot guys with sixpacks so there you go

  2. I cannot believe they have killed off Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney) already. I know it is only a tv show but, I was so mad.

  3. Taylor Lautner is so H.O.T… my friends will go with Taylor Lautner cause he is so H.O.T… i have 20 of my friends will go with Taylor Lautner … P.S. HE IS SO H.O.T…

  4. Wow Taylor Kinney was so hot on Vampire Diaries. It was the worst mistake ever killing off his character. I STILL hold out hope that they’ll bring him back. TL does nothing for me.

  5. i vote for Taylor Lautner. he’s way hotter than Kinney. I’ve never seen taylor kinney till now. Taylor Lautner rocks <3……<3…..<3 love love love him

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