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Tarzan meets King Kong—and Godzilla!

News has come out that Alexander Skarsgard has signed on to appear in the upcoming (but not soon enough!) GODZILLA VS. KONG. Skarsgard may be forever linked to TRUE BLOOD in the minds of many fans, but to me he will always be Tarzan. Even though he hardly looks like the same guy who starred in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN in 2016, a personal trainer could get him back into proper Tarzan shape if the powers-that-be, and Skarsgard himself, were to decide to give us a sequel. The movie made enough profit to warrant one, so why haven’t we seen it? Some have blamed it on Internet whiners who felt the movie wasn’t PC enough, but I don’t buy it. Money talks; Internet whiners get ignored. No, I expect the reports that Skarsgard doesn’t really want to do another one have a bit to do with it. Doubtless he finds the physical requirements taxing. It’s tough to be Tarzan.

In other kaiju news, there will be a special hardback graphic novel (i.e. comic) to serve as a prequel to the next film in the Legendary Monsterverse franchise, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. The comic will be entitled GODZILLA: AFTERSHOCK (Legendary Comics) and will pick up where the 2014 original film left off. It will feature a brand new monster for kaiju marks to geek over. Even if they don’t send me a review copy, I’ll have to buy this one. (But don’t tell them that, okay?)

The Evil Cheezman • November 8, 2018

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