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Tarantino’s Manson Flick Lands Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio, if’n you didn’t pick up on it. Previous reports were that Tom Cruise was going to star in the movie. I don’t know if Leo’s casting means that Tom is out or not. I doubt it. I do know that having Leo onboard lends some needed gravitas to the production. The guy’s a hell of an actor. Cruise, not so much, although he was fantastic as Lestat. Usually, though, he just plays Tom Cruise. I’m a little disappointed that Leo reportedly won’t be playing Manson himself. It’d be interesting to see what he’d do with the role. (Anybody who thinks he can’t play evil obviously hasn’t seen DJANGO UNCHAINED.)

Tarantino has stated that the movie won’t be a Manson biopic, though. Rather, the Manson murders will be a feature of the narrative, which will focus on other events happening at the time as well. Certainly parts of it will be fictionalized. That’s for the best, since there’s no reason to film HELTER SKELTER again.

Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, and Margot Robbie have all been linked to the film, too, but Leo is the only performer officially signed.

The Evil Cheezman • January 23, 2018

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