Tales from the Darkside DVD Contest!

Season 3 of Tales from the Darkside has come to DVD, –and guess what? We have a ton of copies that we’re giving away FREE to our readers! The new DVD is an easy way to navigate through your favorite episodes of Tales from the Darkside Season 3. If you’ve never heard of it, try to imagine Tales from the Crypt’s predecessor, –except with less comedy, and more genuine attempts at horror. It’s also not an HBO show, so it’s watchable for pretty much all ages. Tales from the Darkside was basically, the 80’s anthology show for horror lovers.

Little known fact about Tales from the Darkside; it was also one of George Romero’s many labours of love. The shows features several short stories written by popular horror writers, like Stephen King, Frederick Pohl, and Robert Bloch.

Some of my favorite shows from this season are:

The Circus: Featuring horror legend, Roddy McDowell, King of Creepy, the deranged owner of a freak show circus, with a vampire, the living dead, and of course, a werewolf!

A Serpent’s Tooth: Based on the old saying ‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child”; actually a phrase from Shakespeare’s King Lear. A nagging mother gets a magical tooth that gives her exactly what she wants…

The Milkman Cometh: A demon milkman grants wishes, –and delivers them the next morning. One of the many reasons why wishes should be more specific.

Contest Details: To enter the contest, write us an email, and explain why you love Tales from the Darkside. Send it to contest@darkness.com, –we’ll announce the winners in a few weeks!

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