Taking a Werewolf at Face Value

Werewolves are definitely a supernatural form that are difficult, and actually mostly impossible, to conquer. Because of this, in the legends and myths surrounding werewolves, it’s most important that humans and other enemies of the wolf, can spot him while he is in human form. Werewolves, while human, have a very different look that other humans do. However these small differences are often easy to cover up and hide, especially if one has been a werewolf for a long time.

There are some physical changes such as hairy palms and fingernails that are very rough and uneven, resembling claws. The excessive hair will be quite visible throughout the entire body but of course, this can be shaved off very easily. Other visible signs that may prove a little more difficult to hide are things such as fang-like teeth, pointed ears, and maybe even the Devil’s mark.

Wolves have very different personalities while they are in their human form than when they are in their wolf form. However, sometimes these differences can cross over, and a wolf in human form can display canine qualities. These signs can include excessive aggression, increased irritability, insomnia, and restlessness. One tell-tale sign of a werewolf is an irrational fear of water.

Other than behavior changes, they may also have different physical needs. Humans that have been changed to wolf form and back again usually have increased appetites and need to sleep with their mouths open. This is because if the wolf jaw closes, it becomes clenched and is difficult to get back into a comfortable position. Werewolves are thirsty creatures. Partly because they’re so active and partly because they crave blood. Because of this, even in human form werewolves will often show a deep and constant thirst. Also because they spend so much time chasing and hunting, werewolves will also show many marks and cuts along their legs and arms from regular falling and getting scratched.


  1. If you think for one second that any of this has any basis in any form of fact, you are sadly mistaken. This website is quite possibly one of the most horrific excuses for information that I have ever seen. If there is even one shread of truth on this site I will happily end tap dance on my own lips, but this is pure idiocy and the product of bad movies, bad folklore and and obvious lack of any higher intelligence. Please, who ever wrote this awful, off yourself for the sake of the rest of us. Being subjected to your moronic views on something you obviously don’t understand will lower someone’s IQ, and this page is a waste of internet space. Whoever is responsible for this is only good for one thing, converting O2 into CO2. Die.

  2. Jenny you are a very rude person. Why can you not just go to a different cite and critize someone else. This was not written to teach real werwolves what to do it was written for entertanment (i hope, though really cool if im wrong) ITs very rude to crizisize someone you don’t know. Shame on you

    1. Ok how bout this. Not to be an ass or anything but jenny is dead wrong though not all the information on this site is not completly accurate how can u write on something u have not exerianced. I am a young werewolf trying to find a place in this world where I belong. The poor woman( please excuse my rudness I do not know her name ) has made an amazingly accurate site from transformations to first full moons this woman has got all. I have to say I am quite impressed. I did not believe a human could acheive this. I am truly grateful because this site some really rough times. For all u who wish to become like me I suggest u look up werewolf venom because that’s how the curse is spread. So jenny don’t be ignorant because u don’t have a clue what u r talking about.

  3. Im part Quileute and I dont think that my people would like all of this. This is stereo-type. I dont think you understand anything about Native American legends. My people are descendants of werewolves. So we dont have to be bitten or scratched or cursed or whatever so yeah I think I agree with Jenny. And for the record I hate vampires.

  4. Several people writing coments here need to calm down and not take everything so seriously. I might be wrong, but to me alot of the post are written for pure fun others are written based on facts like transcripts or just by word of mouth.

    Obviously some things aren’t going to be a 100% acurate since its being written by people… and as cliche as it sounds -people make mistakes- and also none of us are allknowing *jenny*.

    Ohh and Jenny please have a big slice of humble pie you need it… wth have the whole pie we need you to.

    1. I’m sure the all parties included will approciate that. I know I do. Jenny needs to chill the he’ll out. We r not all perfect.

  5. Excuse me, just want to say that if this is too “low” class for you to read and it is a “waste” of internet space then, why did you go on this website when its clearly called http://www.WEREWOLVES.com ??? :@ If you want to make a point then make a correct point not one that a simple minded fooligan can work out!

    1. aha, that last comment was a good save I was just about to tear ur ass up. I love how jenny never answered after we all flipped shit.

  6. i don’t know what “jenny” has been looking at but she is wrong.This website is accually better than other websites.Other websites are insane ,so jenny why dont you look at them so you can prove yourself wrong.by the way dont judge people by the internet do it face to face to see what it feels like.I am sure i am a werewolf cause i have these symptoms.Please help me before anything BAD happens please.i am 13

  7. hello my name is EriK, i am really seeking some answers here… im not sure if i will find the answers to my question(s) out but im desperate to try any means necessary… is there such a thing as carying a Werewolf gene or half gene??? in that i mean having the gene but not converting and typically living a normal life??? im quite studied in medicine and have scoured numerous medical journals, even the DSM looking for answers not only to the symptioms but the feelings i feel… im 36 years old, and an identical twin… im 5ft 9, and weigh 215lbs… my twin is 5ft 11 and weighs about 155 lbs… shortly after puberty was when we began to look quite different as far as physical apperance… since the age of about 16 i have light brown to brown hair all over my body, and my twin is bald pretty much other than just typical arm hair etc…

    i exercise moderatly a few times a week, yet maintain a very muscular low body fat look… my wife calls me a human “heat rock”, in that my body seems to eminate alot of heat… i burn up most of the time and really seek anyplace cool… all throughout the winters, i normally do not wear a jacket because i enjoy the stark contrast of the cold… in the last several years my personality has changed somewhat… i use to be a very placid, easy going individual… as of late even though im still a big hearted “softie”, i can become very volotile due to the least little thing… before adulthood i loved the water… i grew up swimming the streams, lakes and ponds here in the mountians where i grew up… today though, i dread the thought of submersion in a body of water peroid…

    i have never encountered a dog that did not take to me, although cats most allways shy away… i will say onething though male dogs sometimes act a bit strange around me either very inquisitive or fearful… all of this may just be normal, and im thinking too much into it… however my dreams haunt me, and i have allways for the last several years felt something is not quite right with me…

  8. Ok most of you dislike this “jenny” person. But before picking on someone. You should think that there may be different kinds of werewolves or shape-shifters. All of the storey may be true. She may believe something’s you don’t. I am a full werewolf believer have been since my trip to British Columbia, Canada.

  9. i rlly wannt to be a werewolf idk why but i been having nightmars about werewolfs since i was yong and saw the red moon can you help me try to fine a way

  10. I believe most of the stuff here and it’s a well written article. I’m not a werwolf myself but I have been researching werewolves and have been around some before. The author of this article should be praised for her work ^_^ it’s good websites like this that get the truth of werwolves past those nonbelievers

  11. And to Red Moon I have had dreams of werewolves before and I have come very close to being attacked by one in real life. and I would like to be a werewolf as well. If you find out something can you tell me? Thanks in advance

  12. Alright, what is it with all these spam comments? I came on this site for comprehensive lists on werewolf legends.

    Not to listen to whiny gnats talking about how unfair this article is to their pack, and not hear about how they are a werewolf.

    Great article, horrid community.

    1. Agatsuma, you are definitly right. I don’t have anything to people that say they are werewolves, but please, save this spam-crap for a chatroom or something. Go spam people there. This also is for trolls *jenny* I mean, you can say you are a werewolf(hater for trolls *jenny*) but we don’t wanna have this articles clogged up and destroying our brains. I sometimes say I am a werewolf, cuz I am a werewolf roleplayer, but I won’t spam it all around the internet. Get over it.

  13. I am a real wolf nothing on this site is true especialy the water thing all werewolves love water. The mouth thing ha that’s fake look right now its full moon but I’m okay at least for now. Not always is the corpse found nude . I rule a wolf clan I’m only 9 even I know more than this. Wolfing out is what it is called I am not a lancthrope . The thirsty thing is true so is the devils mark but that’s it . I must warn you if you are feeling teeth growing and black and white vision get in the forest NOW .some werewolves are good it depends on human life. My wolf name is nightmare I have a brother named drake . He is dark I am light. We exist not only on full moon but now some like me just whenever we get the feeling. Anger makes me turn . Now I must stop for wolf out is near . Blood thirst and death farwell

  14. Hi my name is Dominique ($arrafina) ,I’m 17 years old girl .I love wolfs as well as vampires ..I have few friends who were at the stage a vampires or werewolve.s I loved the idea how I knew I was in danger and protected at the same time.my whole life and and young history I had dreams s that show me different techniques about life e.g things before it happened and things like dangerous measures knocking on my door .I didn’t know where too go or who to ask wat I could do to prevent me from seeing these things .

    In my grade 8 year I had a guy who I was crushing on and didn’t k ow at the point his friends were vamps or wolves at that time .but we started to date and we dated until we had enough but hes feeling were hoocked on me .it killed me so much it actually suffercated me till I had no space to breathe .I found out that he was one of them and I was scared but knew and at end it was going to hurt him officially knowing he won’t be able to pull back as much as he wanted to .(.werewolve)and he has a huge family but I only k ow his brother (his a vamp) they more or less twins ….the guy who was the wolf I had crush on and date….

    Now all we doing now is texting I can’t basically see him anymore ..because he’s knows he cant hold back enough to protect me from killing me
    “Its suffercating me I feel lost most of the time and I rather be terror than be suffocation of breathing of heartache .!”

    So I have questions ,to ask .
    Wat will happen at the end of my mystery ?
    Wat do I do to bring him back ?
    Wat must I do because I’m frightened that he might do something stupid?
    Wat do I do ?

    My opinion o this blog is very interesting it lays a mystery
    That I would like to discover more :-)

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