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Is Werewolf Culture Dangerous?

From Team Jacob Fans, to the San Antonio “teen Werewolf” culture (claims of teen werewolves also apparently occurred in the media in 2003 from Brisbane Australia), a fascinating side of werewolves is their interpretations by modern culture. But what does it really mean when claiming to be a werewolf or having a deep fascination for…

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Wolfie Blackheart: Taking the Werewolf Thing Too Far?

It’s hard to say; there’s very little information online as to whether this girl was ever convicted on animal cruelty, –but back in January, Wolfie Blackheart, real name Sarah Rodriguez, was a media sensation after she severed the head of a stray dog and posted the photo on her Myspace profile. Wolfie Blackheart is a…

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Real Teen Wolves

Believe it or not kids, real werewolves are on the scene, –seems like vampires have had their own modern subculture for too long without any competition. But don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, I do have some mixed feelings about the whole thing, –is this a mass spread of clinical lycanthropy? Or is this a…

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