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The Werewolf’s Cousin: The Werebear

Many months ago I switched things up a bit and wrote about werefoxes, the werewolf’s “cousin,” and I hadn’t thought about until recently when a reader asked me why I hadn’t covered werebears as well. So thanks to that reader I am adding some more variety to the mix by giving you werewolf fans another…

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The Devil’s Promise

Gather ‘round boys and gals, I have a story for you. It was once believed that to become a werewolf you needed something known as a wolf-strap. Anyone that fastened this wolf-strap around their waist would instantly turn into a wolf. But if someone were to call out the name of the person that had…

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Ancient Norse Werewolves

There is an ancient tale that tells of two Icelandic men, a tale that was told throughout the Middle Ages. This story of course involves some fearsome werewolves – because really, are there any stories better than those? This tale tells of two men, Sigmund and Sinfjotli. One day these two are wandering through a…

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The Vilkacis

Time again for another wonderful werewolf myth. Woo! This time we’re traveling to a land of rich history, beautiful lakes and dark forests – Lithuania. The vilkacis, which literally means “wolf eyes” is a werewolf that comes from Lithuanian mythology. The vilkacis is a regular human that has the ability to shapeshift into a wolf,…

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