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The Deadly Anspach Werewolf

Today, Dear Readers, we are traveling back in time. We are going hundreds of years into the past, back when the belief in werewolves was very real. A time when villagers hid in their homes, fearing that a ferocious and horrific werewolf would rip them to shreds. Today I am telling the tale of the…

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The Tale of Werewolf Rock

According to local legends, outside of the village of Eggerstedt, Germany lived a mysterious figure known simply as “the Old Man.” This man would appear from the Brandsleber Forest and offer to perform tasks for the villagers, such as watching over their flocks of sheep. One day the Old Man herded sheep for a shepherd…

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The Wolfstone

Long ago in the Fichtel Mountains of Germany a shepherd had gotten fed up with the local wolves carrying off his sheep. One day a particularly large wolf came to snatch up some of his livestock – this is when he acquired the services of the best hunter in town. This huntsman was known to…

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The Werewolf of Hüsby

Time again for another supposedly true tale reported in the middle ages. This werewolf occurrence happened in Hüsby, Germany. In this small village lived an old, penny-pinching woman. So stingy was this woman that she gave her farmhands very little to eat, although there was fresh meat every Sunday.  The household wondered about this, because…

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The Werewolves of Greifswald

Centuries old records from towns and cities throughout Europe often mention infestations of some sort of supernatural foe. Sometimes it was vampires, other times it was demons or evil spirits, and of course, some times it was werewolves. Records from 1640 show that the German city of Greifswald was once completely overrun by gruesome werewolves….

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