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The Good Dr. Johann Weyer

In the 16th century when witch and werewolf trials were still going very strong and countless individuals were wrongly killed due to mass hysteria, most people supported it; they felt that these evil beings needed to be destroyed. However, there were in fact some brave men spoke against it. The Dutch physician Dr. Johann Weyer…

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The Sad Story of Hans the Werewolf

During the famous Werewolf Trials in Estonia, there was one story in particular about a man who lived his life feeling as most werewolves do, I imagine – lonely and out of place in his own skin. This man came to be known as Hans the Werewolf, and he was an Estonian that was tried…

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Were They Bitten? Or is it Ergot Poisoning?

One of the most fun things about looking into the world of all things wolf is finding out all the different theories of why people are turned into werewolves. The most generally believed thought is that a human is bitten by a werewolf and voila! They become one themselves. But, back in France during the…

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