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“SheWolf” by J.D. Simpson Flips the Werewolf Romance Genre on Its Ass!

There haven’t been enough good romance novels that feature a female werewolf protagonist, –the only one that currently comes to mind is Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause, which, despite its greatness and film potential, was turned into one of the worst werewolf movies I ever seen in my life. Thank god they haven’t…

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‘The Howling’ Re-Released in Three Hardback Collector’s Editions

To some of you, it may come as a shock, but, believe it or not ‘The Howling’ is based on a novel. I say ‘shock’ because it’s always hard to believe than any good movie can be based off a book, but it does happen, once in a great while. I mean, hey, look at…

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