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Werewolves in Mexico

Mexico is one of the few countries in the world that have kept their werewolf legends pretty much exactly the same as they were several hundred years ago. Even though the Spaniards started colonizing Mexico in the 1500s, the people in the area still held fast to their werewolf beliefs. That, and the fact that…

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Do Werewolves Age?

Werewolves can do many things, and undoubtedly, they have an incredible amount of powers. But it’s generally accepted that werewolves are not immortal and that, although it’s difficult, they can be killed. This got me thinking, sure they can die, but do they age? And how exactly does that happen? Why do some werewolves seem…

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The Neffer Werewolf of Austria

It was during the sixteenth century that an Austrian village known as Neffer was attacked and destroyed by a gigantic werewolf. This werewolf was so big that when he walked through the forest that bordered the village, he loomed above the trees – watching for his prey below. It was one very lucky woodcutter that was…

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Burgomaster Werewolf

Here’s a werewolf tale that’ll turn your stomach. I know it did mine. It was in Germany in 1685 that many women, children, and pets were being savagely killed by what many people in the area was reporting to be a wolf. Because the burgomaster (which is the mayor of a certain municipality in Germany)…

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A Cautionary Tale

A werewolf needs to be careful; you don’t want someone to discover what you are. People destroy what they fear and if people happen to learn that there is a monstrous werewolf living among them then they will do everything they can to get rid of it. So today I’ll tell you two true tales…

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