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The Marrok Werewolf

As some of you may know, I’ve recently discovered the little treasure that is Patricia Briggs. As I delve further into the series though, there was a term that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. That term was the ‘Marrok.’ Well, I could put two and two together in regards to the Mercy Thompson…

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A Kind-Hearted Werewolf

Most of the werewolves in folklore, film and books are usually these monstrous and ferocious beasts that turn anyone unlucky enough to cross them into nothing but a pile of bloody pulp. But among the chaos and gore is one old folk tale of a sweet and kind werewolf. The unique werewolves I am speaking…

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The Werewolf of Death

Time again for a mythological werewolf, one of my favorite kinds. This time we’ll jump head first into the world of Guaraní mythology and tell the tale of Tau and Kerana and their werewolf son. One day Tau, the spirit of evil, saw the incredibly beautiful Guaraní woman, Kerana and had to have her. So…

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The False Wolf

Time again for another old wolf folktale, but today’s is a little different from past stories. This old tale is one of greed and deception, showing us just how afraid people were of wolves back in the day. Once upon a time there was a wicked little thief that rented a room at an inn…

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Ancient Blood Festival

Close your eyes, clear your mind and imagine blood dripping down your face, growling and hungry wolves and ancient fearsome hunters. Good, now you have a pretty good picture of the Lupercali Festival embedded into your mind. In the ancient times the Romans held the Lupercali Festival every year and it honored young novice hunters…

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An Ancient Tribe of Werewolves

Hey readers, today we’re going to take a small dip into the very vast and expansive world of Roman mythology to discover a tribe of werewolves. But before we get to the werewolves we first need to touch on Romulus and Remus, who, as you may or may not know are the founders of Rome….

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As The Flame Blows Out

Hey there readers, it’s time again for another real werewolf tale. If you are a long time reader then you know the deal, if you’re new here then let me explain real quick. There have been countless cases of lycanthropy reported all throughout history; some of these stories are super old, while others surprisingly recent….

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Being Human & the American Remake

George Sands is the werewolf in Being Human, and although he’s great, he’s also kind of a nerd; with an IQ of 156, George is intelligent, though socially inept, and refers to being a werewolf as “that thing that happens to me once a month.” So, in a way, George sort of deals with being…

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Is That A Werewolf?!

So lets say it’s the seventh century, yea, that far back, and you suspect you or someone you know just might be a werewolf. But how can you be sure? I mean, you don’t want any mistakes, any risks, right? Don’t worry boys and gals, I’ve got what you need. You see, back then “doctors”…

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Skin On Me!

There are folktales about everything from trapped women with climbable hair to elves that do nothing but make shoes – so of course, there would be a few werewolf tales out there as well. The old werewolf fairytale I’m going to tell you today comes from Croatia, it may not be a happy ending kinda…

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Magical Transformation

Many countries and many cultures have their own werewolf or shapeshifter myths and folklore. There are countless ideas and theories all on this one topic (all of which are awesome). One ancient idea was that of donning animal skins in order to get that animal’s powers, as I mentioned in the Native American post.  But…

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