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The Best of Cartoon Werewolves

1. Wolfie from the Groovie Ghoulies, circa 1970, –the hippest cat, well, actually, dog, around –looking fabulousin Jesus-sandals and a yellow outfit, his two best buddies were Frankie and Bella La Ghostly, –a fabulous vampire type guy who looks like Dracula in spandex and pumps. The band plays a new pop song each show, and…

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A Love Affair with a Beast

Before there was Twilight, or Blood & Chocolate to demonstrate themes of werewolves in love with humans, and humans in love with werewolves, there was The Company of Wolves. Inherent throughout the film are various popular themes, both cinematic and social, and shares certain similarities with the film Labyrinth of the same era. For example,…

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The Top Three Grossest Werewolves In Cinema

There are probably several raunchy werewolf scenes in movies, but here are the grossest that I can remember, –others are probably worse, and if you want to contribute your “grossest werewolf” experience, feel free to add it in the comments. I’ll look back in a week, and if you’ve got any good ones, I’ll watch…

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A Decade’s Worth of Werewolf Movies: 1990s

As previously shown in ‘Nearly 10 Years of Werewolves‘, there are loads of werewolf movies out there that very few of us have heard of. So here we are again, this time werewolf movies from the 90’s. Here is your list of the superb Hollywood blockbusters and the low budget disasters and everything in between…

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A Decade’s Worth of Werewolf Movies: 2000s

From year 2000 until now there have been a large handful of werewolf movies released. Most of us have only heard of movies like Underworld or Van Helsing but there are a significant number of lesser known films that deserve a mention and some werewolf fan lovin’… or mocking (gotta love campy flicks that amuse…

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