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Emily Isabella Burt: Real Werewolf?

Tucked away in Talbott County, Georgia is the grave of Emily Isabella Burt, a woman widely believed to have been a werewolf. Like all good stories, this one has gone on to be legend, though one that is all but forgotten these days. While I am usually pretty skeptical about this kind of thing, I…

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Haunting History: 5 of the Best Werewolf Legends

For most, the love for werewolves sprang from a classic horror film or a supernatural TV show, but for me, it was in a history book. There are countless werewolf myths and legends throughout the world from the days when people once believed in the paranormal. Those are the tales I love. Werewolf lore is…

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Werewolf Lore: The Varulv

Werewolves in Sweden and Norway are called the ‘Varulv’. Eastern Europe is particularly rich with werewolf folklore, unlike England, where wolves were hunted almost to extinction. The Varulv almost has its own mythology, though in many ways it is similar to the traditional werewolf lore we’re so used to hearing about. He’s half man, half…

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Werewolves in Mexico

Mexico is one of the few countries in the world that have kept their werewolf legends pretty much exactly the same as they were several hundred years ago. Even though the Spaniards started colonizing Mexico in the 1500s, the people in the area still held fast to their werewolf beliefs. That, and the fact that…

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The Gruesome Case of Peter Stubb

Peter Stubb was a once human changed into werewolf that was put to trial in 1573. His crime was turning into a werewolf and committing several horrendous acts. Burning up the countryside with his uncontrollable rage and vicious urges, Stubb was being accused of killing much of the livestock within the country of Cologne, which…

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