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Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries Coming Soon to DVD

I know that there aren’t too many Vampire Diaries fans on here, but there are a few of you and you deserve to know that Season 3 will be arriving on Blu-ray and DVD soon. You get to watch all of the werewolf and vampire hybrid drama unfold all over again on September 11, 2012….

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Prepare to Be Totally Blown Away by Klaus on the Vampire Diaries!

Right, I know you guys are werewolf fans, which means if you follow the Vampire Diaries at all, then you know there hasn’t been that much reason to watch the show lately, because Tyler Lockwood, resident werewolf, took off to go learn the ropes with the hardcore werewolf Jules. Unfortunately his mom had a nasty…

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Underworld: The New Dawn – Finally, Plot Updates!

There have finally been some fabulous new updates about the Underworld sequel, –and good news, apparently, it’s not a prequel. I’m sorry guys, but as much as I love werewolves, Rise of the Lycans was just… bleh. But in Underworld 4, we’re going back to the present, or actually, the future. The second bit of…

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