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How to Feed a Werewolf

Where to start? If you have a loved one who happens to be a werewolf, you may question yourself as to what you might feed them. This can lead to big problems; carrying off a neighbor’s dog, or cat, and even being eaten yourself. A starving werewolf is nothing to play around with. So I’ve…

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How to Throw a Werewolf Halloween Party!

It’s our favorite time of year! Halloween! Woo! Which means you’ve got to get ready for that kickass werewolf party you’re going to throw. Here’s some ideas for making the best werewolf party ever. 1. Send out invitations to all your friends with cheesy puns like, “Come join in for a howling good time!” Yea,…

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Yummy Werewolf Chicken Claws

Normally, getting werewolves and chickens would end in disaster. Well, for the chicken anyway. But in this case, the two work together to make you (or the wolf-lover in your life), some very delicious snacks! Just for fun, we’ve dug up this yummy werewolf chicken claws recipe! What You’ll Need: Nonstick vegetable spray 10 chicken…

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