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‘Monster Brawl’ Coming to DVD this Summer

I wrote about this strange flick a few months back, and here we are again, with more news on the award-winning Monster Brawl. A crowd pleaser at this year’s film fest circuit, Monster Brawl features an all-star cast of classic monsters, beloved horror icons, and wrestling royalty in what is being called “the undisputed smack-down…

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Monster Brawl

There’s a new monster flick that’s got every horror site talking – Monster Brawl. The film recently had its world premiere at Canada’s Fantasia film festival where it was so successful it picked up an audience award. Pretty impressive for an indie horror film. Check out the Monster Brawl description: “Set in the tradition of…

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Werewolves vs. Everything Else – PART 2!

You guys loved the first edition of ‘Werewolves vs. Everything Else’ so much that I’m bringing it back! For those new to the game, this is where we jump into mythical and magical beast arena and pit werewolves against some of the biggest and baddest creatures out there! The first round had werewolves fighting dragons,…

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Werewolves vs. Everything Else!

Step into the mythical and magical beast arena where we pit werewolves against some of the biggest and baddest creatures out there! Why? Because you always hear about werewolves vs. vampires, and well, it gets old after a while. Right? So let’s see how the wolves handle some other random beasts of lore. First battle…

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April Fool’s Came Early in Chicago with Rampant Werewolves on Campus

Due to error in scheduling, someone ended up publishing a post that was meant for April 1st; wait to go, guys! But the up-side of all this is that we get to see a hilarious  post about the werewolves on the UIC campus, on the full moon of March 19th. As some of you may…

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New Werewolf Coming to True Blood!

It’s all over Internet-town, –it’s all anyone can blog about! There’s going to be a sexy new face in the werewolf line-up: Daniel Buran is coming to True Blood, and it’s going to cause something of a fuss, because he’s going to be revealed as the packmaster of the Shreveport werewolves. That’s definitely going to…

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