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Don’t Miss Face Off’s ‘Howl at the Moon’

One of my favorite shows, Face Off, is having a werewolf episode! For those of you new to the show, it’s a special effects competition, and it rocks. They transform people into the most amazing and realistic looking beasties. In Tuesday’s episode (February 28, 9/8C) they are doing a werewolf episode – with a twist….

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The Greatest Werewolf Mask in the History of Forever

While perusing deviantArt I stumbled upon one of the most kickass wolf masks ever – one actually available to buy (for close to $1000).  Of course I had to share such awesomeness with all of you werewolf fans. The mask was created by Sharpe Costumes, who makes a wide assortment of furry masks – some…

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Share Your Best Halloween Memories!

Halloween is almost here! That magnificently horrifying night of candy, costumes and trickery! To celebrate this upcoming holiday I say we reminisce about our past Halloweens. What are your best Halloween memories? What are your favorite costumes you have worn over the years? Share in a comment below! I have many Halloween memories, mostly of…

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How to Throw a Werewolf Halloween Party!

It’s our favorite time of year! Halloween! Woo! Which means you’ve got to get ready for that kickass werewolf party you’re going to throw. Here’s some ideas for making the best werewolf party ever. 1. Send out invitations to all your friends with cheesy puns like, “Come join in for a howling good time!” Yea,…

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