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Look Forward to Some ‘Skin’

Sorry guys, it’s not that type of skin, but just as good. A new werewolf movie! Well, maybe. Spoke Lane Entertainment and Mike the Pike Productions have acquired film rights to George R.R. Martin’s werewolf novella “The Skin Trade.” So there’s no movie yet and there probably won’t be for a long while, but hey,…

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‘The Pack: Winter Kill’ Novel and Contest!

Mike Oliveri is an author that has won the Bram Stoker Award, been featured in a handful of excellent anthologies and on top of that he also wrote the comic book, Werewolves: Call of the Wild. But it’s not that comic that we’re focusing on today, but rather his latest werewolf book, The Pack: Winter…

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Hurray For Eerie Cuties!

I already mentioned this on Vampires.com but since the latest storyline has been full of werewolf-y goodness I thought I’d share it here as well. I’m talking about an awesome and totally adorable webcomic called Eerie Cuties. Who says werewolves and vampire have to be serious and fearsome all the time? This comic mixes mass…

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