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Check Out Videos of UK’s Werewolf Comedy ‘Love Bite’

It’s been a long while since we brought up the British werewolf comedy Love Bite. A long time. But now I’ve got a handful of videos for you – a clip, an interview, a trailer and a look at the film’s FX. As to why all of these videos are coming our way – I…

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Werewolves on the Loose!

One of the most trusted sources of supernatural news, the Internet, has yet again struck gold in the werewolf world…. where most of their politics are kept secret. Apparently, the other day a werewolf was freed from imprisonment, imposed upon him after being found guilty of the brutal murders of two hitchhikers in Yorkshire. The…

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Steve Pink Goes from Male Comedy to Werewolf Spoof

Sorry guys, but I just can’t get into the whole man-comedy trend, –a bunch of guys, getting drunk and doing stupid shit… Wow, who knew you had to go to the movies to see that? Hot Tub Time Machine looks moderately entertaining, but watching the trailer, all I could find myself looking forward to was…

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Hot Tub Time Machine Director Switches To Werewolves

Director Steve Pink just tried to make a big guy comedy hit with the Hot Tub Time Machine, which was… well, a huge failure. The flick totally didn’t meet its box office expectations. But the director is giving it another go, once again making a comedy directed at all the boys. But this rumored flick…

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