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Help Make a New Werewolf RPG Happen on Kickstarter

Lie to survive and determine which of your friends is lying to kill you in this familiar twist on the popular role playing game, Mafia. Two different awesome decks, one set in the North Pole, the other set in a werewolf infested village, –the decks are awesome, the guys making them are super generous, and…

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Coming Soon: ‘Vampire Werewolf Fairies’

There’s another werewolf game on the way! This time it’s not a video game though, but rather a card game titled Vampire Werewolf Fairies. The game comes from Gozer Games, the same folks that brought you Zombie Ninja Pirates, and will be released May 2011. From the official Gozer website: “Can you become the ultimate…

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Werewolf – Curse of Pandora: Board Game for the iPad!

Werewolf has been around forever; whether you’re playing the party game twist, with live-action role playing, and running around in the dark, or the creepy Internet version, –you know, the one that inspired the horrible movie ‘Cry Wolf’. There are also various board and card games out there; the latest actually, is ‘Werewolf – Curse…

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