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Even More Werewolf Webcomics!

That’s right guys, I have even MORE werewolf webcomics to share with you! It just goes to show you how absolutely awesome werewolves are. If you missed the first list go here. As for the second list, look below. (Click the titles to view the comic) Eldritch Eldritch follows the life of Faith, a lycanthrope,…

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More Werewolf Webcomics!

You guys ask for it and here it is – more werewolf webcomics! You liked the post on the comic dream*scar, so I figured why not do an entire post on the various werewolf webcomics out there. Check it out: (Click on the titles to see the comic) Strays Strays is about Meela, a young,…

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Fun fact about me – I am a HUGE webcomic addict, and I mean huge. Today, while scanning TopWebComics.com for a new comic to get hooked on, I came across dream*scar, a comic with werewolves! Check out the synopsis: “Set in a post-modern, alternate reality, d*s shows a world where unhumans, creatures of myth and…

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Hurray For Eerie Cuties!

I already mentioned this on Vampires.com but since the latest storyline has been full of werewolf-y goodness I thought I’d share it here as well. I’m talking about an awesome and totally adorable webcomic called Eerie Cuties. Who says werewolves and vampire have to be serious and fearsome all the time? This comic mixes mass…

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