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Werewolf Comedies to Add to Your Queue

Now, you might be thinking “what’s the deal with all the attention to NetFlix?” Well, usually, this is how it works: Moonlight writes the stuff that’s more philosophical and folklore oriented. I write the stuff that’s focused on werewolf news, and trends, and if there’s an overflow, she’ll pick up the stuff I missed. It’s…

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Are the Vampire Diaries Werewolves Lame?

Duh, no. I was skimming the blog-o-sphere earlier, looking for ideas about what to feed you monsters, when I came across this -guy- who said the werewolves on the Vampire Diaries were lame. I say ‘were’ because the werewolves on VD appear to have retreated for the time being. Here are some of his key…

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