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Design Your Own Werewolf: What Does Your Movie Wolf Look Like?

There has been a lot, and I mean a LOT, of debate here on Werewolves.com over what movies and TV shows have the best looking werewolves. Many may love one particular style of wolf, but countless others may despise it. It’s a never ending battle on which werewolf looks more badass. Because I love myself…

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Five Fabulous Werewolf Comics

Werewolf, 1966 – Only three issues of this comic were ever made, sadly enough, –so if you happen to be an owner, congratulations! The story follows a super agent werewolf, Major Wiley Wolf. After his plane crashes in the Arctic Circle, Wiley has amnesia, begins living with wolves, turns feral ( and probably goes bonkers),…

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Weird Werewolf Wonders: Nine Things You Have to Buy!

1. Silver Bullets – Too bad you have to request them custom made, or make them yourself, –yes, sad but true. Silver bullets are not commercially manufactured, but you can order them from most major ammo companies. 2. Werewolf Hunting & Specimen Kit – The kit includes handwritten notes on anatomy, weaknesses, sightings, experiences, and…

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Benandanti Werewolves

Benandanti werewolves are unique because they are not only a particular type of werewolf, they also carry with them their own unique legend and myth. In fact, the myth of the Benandanti werewolf dies out sometime around 1610, when the Benandanti werewolves become the very things that they had spent their time in the Underworld…

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Magical Transformation

Many countries and many cultures have their own werewolf or shapeshifter myths and folklore. There are countless ideas and theories all on this one topic (all of which are awesome). One ancient idea was that of donning animal skins in order to get that animal’s powers, as I mentioned in the Native American post.  But…

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Laurell K. Hamilton’s Werewolves

There are loads of werewolf books out there, some with incredibly complex werewolf lore created by the author, others with… cliché, overdone werewolf storylines. But out of all the author views on werewolves one of my ultimate favorites has got to be Laurell K. Hamilton’s werewolves in the Anita Blake series (book one). She takes…

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