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‘Teen Wolf’s Aunt Kate’s New Look For Season 4

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 is bringing back Kate Argent, and Jill Wagner tells  all about her purple, drooling were-jaguar in this interview. Just when you think no one will return from the dead this season… in strolls dear ol’ Aunt Kate. With this turn of the tables, will Kate Argent become more human, or at…

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‘Teen Wolf’ Cast Just Being Them And That’s Why We Love Them

Teen Wolf wrapped up its epic third season back in March, and we’re still reeling from all of the changes happening in Beacon Hills. Season 3 saw the untimely deaths of Allison (Crystal Reed) and Aiden (Max Carver), plus the additions of kitsune Kira (Arden Cho) and werecoyote Malia (Shelley… I came across this article…

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Will There Be Vampires in Teen Wolf?

Where there are werewolves, there are usually vampires nearby. Shows and movies like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Underworld all feature mass amounts of werewolf vs. vampire drama and many are wondering if Teen Wolf will follow in their paw prints. Well, thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2011 we have an answer –…

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More Updates for MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

They’re releasing trailers now, yay! There are three, and MTV is very proud of its babies; the new videos are popping up all over the place, and they’re definitely hot. They give a sneak peek into what the werewolves of the new show ‘Teen Wolf’, will look like, as well as into the actors, and…

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