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What Do You Think of True Blood Season 5?

Season 5 of True Blood is almost over with only three episodes left, and just as the producers promised, this season has had a bit more werewolf drama than the last season. But is it something the werewolf fans are happy about? If you’re watching the current season, what are your thoughts on the werewolves…

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Lots of New Werewolves Coming to True Blood Season 5

I know we have way more True Blood haters here than lovers, which is understandable seeing how the werewolves of True Blood haven’t really been the most impressive of creatures. They’re weak, petty and occasionally serve under the hand of vampires – not what a werewolf fan wants to see. However, rumors are that we…

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SyFy’s Being Human Will Return for a Season 2!

I have to admit, I haven’t seen as much of the new show as I’d liked to have done. And I’ve only seen one episode of the new season of the original ‘Being Human’; which probably, officially, makes me a bad person. But there’s always so much other shit to do, I forget! Anyway, this…

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Being Human, Wolfman, Twilight Wolves, and True Blood in this Week’s Werewolf Bites!

There’s a lot going on in the werewolf world; hopefully that means that the reign of fruity vampire movies is coming to an end, and they’ll be shining the spotlight on werewolves again. Hopefully, The Wolfman didn’t ruin our street cred too badly. And speaking of: Can you believe it, —The Wolfman won an Oscar…

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New Werewolf Coming to True Blood!

It’s all over Internet-town, –it’s all anyone can blog about! There’s going to be a sexy new face in the werewolf line-up: Daniel Buran is coming to True Blood, and it’s going to cause something of a fuss, because he’s going to be revealed as the packmaster of the Shreveport werewolves. That’s definitely going to…

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